Trouble brewing in TomKat’s world

TomKat in trouble?Not even two months since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes tied the proverbial knot in Italy, reports are already circulating from laptop to laptop that trouble is brewing in the couple’s relationship.

As for what is causing friction in the newlyweds’ wedded bliss, well Tom’s controlling nature, and his determination to make Katie change her interests to the ones he likes is the reason being touted.

According to the latest magazine reports, Tom is not only putting a limit on how much time Katie spends on her verizon cellular phone talking to her friends, but is also trying to make her give up hobbies including karaoke for his interests, which are using his credit cards by shopping and attending his kids’ sporting events.

It was also revealed that trouble was brewing during the couple’s glitzy L.A. wedding reception, when Holmes was chatting with Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom about the popular nightclub Hyde which is a usual haunt for the under 30 Hollywood celebs. The three were making plans to go to the club when “father” Tom reportedly snubbed out their plans by telling Katie that it was “not” the place for him, or her to go to.

“Kirsten said they had invited Katie to Hyde, and Tom got a concerned look on his face. He said, ‘Oh, that’s no place for you or me to go, Kate.”

The result, Katie left the group looking highly embarrassed.

“She looked really embarrassed…It was like she’d just gotten into trouble,” the source added.

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