Katie Holmes opts for Mad Money over Batman sequel

No Batman sequel for Katie

Now that making money seems to be of little concern to Katie, she has decided to turn down a $2 million project for one that pays her a mere $250,000. There have been many rumors on Batman sequel ‘Dark Knight’ role of Rachel Dawes, but it seems that the truth is starting to come to light.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Katie pulled out of the project this month, rejecting a salary estimated to be around $2 million. Katie, who made $1 million for Batman Begins, pulled out of the project as her publicist claimed, “We never got to the negotiating stage.” Polkes said, “Katie was offered the role, but was unable to accept the role because of scheduling conflicts. She was in the process of negotiating for another project. In addition, when she returns to work, she would like to tackle a new character.”

With Katie officially out of the Batman ‘Dark Knight’ movie, she has reportedly signed onto filming ‘Mad Money’ for her next project. ‘Mad Money’, starring Queen Latifah, focuses on three Federal Reserve agents who devise a scheme to steal old currency before it is destroyed. The film is set to begin shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana within the next few months, according to E Online. The catch here is, Katie is used to a seven digit salary, Mad Money only sports a $12 million budget, offering the star a paycheck of approximately $250,000.

Many people have been posting from their laptops and desktops around the globe, insinuating that the studio did not want Katie for the role. The reasons given were due to the scrutiny surrounding her marriage, Scientology beliefs, and so on. Typically, taking a 800% pay cut would raise a red flag that the move was not by choice. But, with Tom’s credit cards in her gucci handbag, this may have been a non-issue in this instance. With no reported counter comment rebutting Katie’s publicist’s release stating it was Katie’s choice, it only seems that Katie wanted to try something different.

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